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Wellness Talks with LoLo - Rebuilding Lives and Restoring Wellness

Lorianna Steele

Helping women restore wellness and rebuild lives after being in a toxic relationships using holistic approaches and coaching.

Stress from unhealthy or abusive relationships wreaks havoc on your entire body and overall wellness.  It creates disharmony in your immune, nervous, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems.  Not to mention, we are not just this physical vessel, but we are mind body and spirit.  Most people understand that there is more to us than what meets the eye, but too often we are sent in a million different directions when we are trying to heal and restore our bodies and lives.  

What we need is a full understanding of how it all connects, how it overlaps, and how each part of our mind, body, and spirit is affected by other parts.  This, in turn, helps us to understand how to fix the problems. 

So when we become stressed in our relationship, we develop coping mechanisms that disrupt every part of our lives and we become
- Weak
- Confused
- Sick
- Inflamed
- Pain-stricken
- Angry
- Depressed
- Hypervigilant
- Sleepless
- Short-fused
- Overwhelmed
- Isolated (not making new friends, withdrawing from the ones we have, or pushing people away)
- Fearful
- Over or underweight
.... and so much more!

Let's talk about all of the ways we can balance our mind, body, and spirit and create alignment for healing and growth so that we can thrive and build healthy relationships full of love, joy, gratitude, trust, and all of the positive things we desire to embody!

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